The Stamford Animal Shelter Alliance (SASA) is a public/private partnership set up by the City of Stamford to be the official fundraising organization for the Stamford Animal Control & Care Center (SACCC), Stamford’s municipal animal shelter.

SASA's primary mission is to raise money to augment that which the City of Stamford can allocate to build a new, state-of-the-art animal shelter.

We have been working closely with the SACCC staff and city engineers to design a beautiful new shelter that will benefit Stamford’s homeless animal population and make it a welcoming environment for people who wish to adopt a new family member. For starters, the new design will greatly reduce the stress our sheltered animals experience with an improved kennel layout where the dogs will not face each other, there will be quarantine rooms for cats and dogs, the design will provide more natural light, there will be an additional room for cats to roam about outside of their cages. In addition, the design will include a welcoming entrance, getting-to-know rooms, a new community room for school groups and public events, and more parking. The exterior of the shelter will feature enhanced outdoor runs and a more attractive overall appearance. These are just some of the exciting improvements that will be incorporated into the design of the new animal shelter.

Photos courtesy of Elaine Lloyd & @adoptabledogsofnyc